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Poonam P. Mashru, DDS
Jeffrey L. Schupper, DMD
707 Haddonfield Berlin Rd. Unit B
Voorhees, NJ 08043

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Sedation Dentistry

This is a method of sedation where oral medications are used to achieve a state of sedation.  We find that most people are in a state of sleep or very near sleep during their dental treatment, where as some people are in a state of deep relaxation.  But the patient remains able to respond to the dentist.  It is very good for patients who are very nervous or phobic as well as those patients who have an extensive treatment plan.  This method can help minimize the amount of office visits to complete the treatment since more work can be done in a single visit.  It is a safe method of sedation and the patient's vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure.  Here are some important things to note if you are considering this method:

  • you cannot eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your appointment
  • you will need to have a responsible adult drive you to and from your appointment.

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